Sue has a B.A. from the University of Pretoria and an Honours Degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology from the University of Johannesburg. She views and applies herself as a “life-long learner” as proven by the diverse selection of certificate/diploma courses that she completed over the years with the view to increase the personal value she contributes to the world of work. These qualifications include diplomas in Higher Education and Remedial Teaching (UJ), certificates in Professional Selling Skills (Wits University); Marketing Management (IMM); Coaching Essentials (ISNS); Public Relations (BBC); Life Assurance Practice (UP); Banking Associate (Institute of Bankers); Leadership and Strategy (Agulhas Academy); Leader and Instructor (Network of Training).


She is an accredited Training Facilitator Assessor and Moderator (ETDP SETA and Services SETA).

Her passion is to assist people with the process of integrating “Skills, Knowledge and Heart.” She endeavours to cultivate people skills effectively to enhance and support continuous individual and organisational performance in alliance with the client’s business plan.

Her corporate career was shaped mainly by being in the employ of ABSA and Bankfin, Xcel Information Technologies and Momentum.

For the past eight years she has worked independently with a wide spectrum of clients as a Performance Improvement Consultant where she has been involved with the learning and development (L & D) process from end-to-end (analysis of the need, designing and developing solutions to the need, implementing solutions and evaluating the success thereof.)
These clients include ABSA, Auditor General, De Beers, Centurion Academy, PSG Konsult, Inhouse Crown Logistics, Amayeza Abantu Biomedical, Boland College,

She commits to integrating her previous work experience, education, attitude and aptitude to set and sustain a high level of personal performance in alignment with outcomes as set by her clients. She has a passion for- and specializes in a) curriculum and programme design and implementation b) empowering leaders to know the way, show the way and walk the way c) Emotional Intelligence (EQ), d) Time- and Stress Management and e) Sales Skills.

Her strongest attribute is to integrate knowledge and skills with practise – after all is said and done … let’s make it work!