Management Skills for First Time Managers


The transformation from an individual contributor to a manager can be a big shift. According to a Future Workplace study (, 83% of surveyed respondents said they have Millennial managers in their office, but nearly half of the older generations believed Millennials were ill-equipped to manage a team. 44% of Millennials view themselves as being the most capable generation to lead the workplace. Only 14% of all surveyed agreed with this sentiment..

What to expect:

Management Skills for First Time Managers workshop will assist you to understand and apply your natural management style, how you can lead, self-manage and measure your success while building your relationship with your subordinates.

Management Skills for First Time Managers will help you to reflect on who you are and your current management capabilities. Provide you with opportunities to identify and understand your management skills and to introduce you to new concepts and processes to enhance your skills.

Book the Workshop
The Cape Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Pro-Active Communications, will host this workshop on the 16th of March 2018, to beheld at their office in Cape Town. Click on the link to book:

What you need to know as a Manager:

    • Understand your “natural” management style.
    • Tools to put theory into practise.
    • The art of communication for “young” managers.
    • How to handle conflict, diversity and change.
    • Know how to lead and not just operate.
    • Know how to measure your success…or development areas.
    • You need to self-manage (stress and work-life balance).