Lynne is a qualified Fashion & Image consultant, graduated from Technikon Natal with a national diploma in Food & Clothing (majored in the clothing). She has an international diploma in Education, Training & Development Practices through Corporate College International, and is a qualified assessor with the Wholesale & Retail and Bank SETA’S and qualified as a Professional Image Consultant through Colour Works International. Her training ethos for soft skills training is to learn whilst having fun. She loves to use creative ways to train and always believes in making the training practical to the learner’s environment rather than ‘dip the sheep through the trough’.

Here are some of Lynne’s image tips:

It’s personal
What you wear should reflect who you are, how you feel or how you want to feel.
Your style should be as individual as you are.
An extension of you that can evolve and change as you do, through the exciting and challenging course of life.
It’s my passion to help guide that style, so that you feel good about what you are wearing. So that you love who you are and it shows.

It’s corporate
It’s about what you want your company or brand to project.
It’s about making the people who work for you feel part of something bigger, feel united in a common cause.
It’s about being both functional and image-conscious.
It’s about defining your company’s culture. It’s about the people who make up that culture.
So, it’s personal. It’s about loving what you do, and letting it show.