How To Be Human

Fourth Industrial Revolution. VUCA…

Is it only me that feels bewildered, slightly confused, anxious and increasingly bored with all the doom and gloom that is happening in the world? Every day there is a new leadership theory, royal conspiracies, complex coaching models that we are exposed to. Amidst all the chaos and egos, it is hard to stay sane and focussed.

We live in a world of information – overloaded with too much visual stimulation. It is a brutal attack on our sense. What to make sense of? What to internalise? This can cause a feeling of being unfulfilled, disquieted, and frustrated. I have had my share of waking up in the middle of the night, convinced that I must be cursed by all the daily mishaps. But when dawn breaks, I remember who I am… and my dad’s advice. He was a humble and wise man who believed true happiness is found in running in the rain, boogie boarding the waves at dawn, and chocolate after a meal. He used to say that I should take note of how people react when they have power, when the Christmas lights get entangled, when life does not go according to your plan. These situations show your true character or lack of it.

His words remind me of what it means to stay human. It is very easy to stay “good” when things go well. When life happens, it can bring forth our darker side so quickly. Negativity, being critical, becoming cynical are quick followers.

So, my aspiration for 2020 is to be the human my dog believes I am. To stay kind, generous, gentle, to pay it forward, to have no attachment to the outcome (to giving) at all times.

My compass for the year ahead: “Can I step into this world with integrity?” and when I mess up, I start again.

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