Hanrie Hill talks – Thrive on success

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Hanrie Hill – Thrive on Success

Hanrie Hill talks – Thrive on Success

As a compulsive reader – too many books, too little time – I am always on the lookout for new books. Fiction and non-fiction, I try to read both.

“Thrive” by Arianne Huffington, founder of the successful news and blog site, The Huffington Post, reads like fiction. Arianne’s style appealed to me, her very humane “life-work” challenges spoke to my heart. She managed to change my perception of success. I realise that success is not how well my business is doing. Success is about having time for yourself and the people you love, time for nurture and to value yourself. She confirmed what I believe: The most successful people are the ones who choose how they spend their time.

Pointers in her book that strengthens this:

  • Choose social media’s time. To be connected at all times, causes stress and does not build relationships.
  • Focus on your own purpose: what “fuels” you?
  • Do “small” things for yourself e.g. eat lunch away from your desk, take a walk.
  • Build time for yourself and diarise it.
  • Listen to your gut; the “little voice” that knows more than the brain.
  • “Audit” your life, hobbies, projects and friends: you can choose what you don’t want to do.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Get rid of negative self-talk.
  • Pay it forward.

Apologies to Arianna for changing her pointers, to translate into my world!