Communication – A Neanderthals vs. Cro-Magnon


A Neanderthals versus Cro-Magnon – A Key to Success

A long long time ago, in a land far away (in what is now called Europe, but then was called ‘here’ in the local dialect), some Cro-Magnon type hunter gatherers, loping along in search of a juicy piglet, came across some other, even uglier, hunter gatherers. These unappealing-looking Neanderthals (for that’s what they were) told the newcomers in no uncertain terms (chucked a few rocks, one or two spears, and then waved their fists in the air – in what today we call non-verbal communication) that the Cro-Magnony people weren’t welcome there. So, hands tucked into the folds of their loincloths, the little group sauntered off casually whistling, and pretending they weren’t really scared of the Neanderthals, which they were, because not only were they much bigger, but they had clubs which they had to drag on the ground because they were so large, and also probably because their arms were so long.

The Cro-Magnon bunch then ducked off the path and tried to sneak around the Neanderthals, who, not so dumb as they looked, intercepted them, beat the shit out of them, and then sent them on their way. So the Cro-Magnons went back to their cave, called the rest of the tribe together, went across the valley to another tribe and persuaded them that if they joined their lot they could have all the Neanderthal women they’d want (This other tribe hadn’t yet seen any of the Neanderthals). So, with a group of at least fifty prancing and gibbering men, they attacked the uglier, beetle-browed but actually smarter cavemen, and drove them away.
This little skirmish, repeated many thousands of times over the next few centuries, probably led to the extermination to the Neanderthals (although since we have about 5% Neanderthal DNA, there is some argument that the Neanderthals were actually simply assimilated into the not-so-discerning Cro-Magnons).

A Key to Success

The reason for the Cro-Magnon success was simple: Communication. With superior communication they were able to organise themselves into larger groups and so defeat the bigger, stronger, and probably smarter (they had larger brain cases), Neanderthals.
Communication is the key that has led to our success as a species; communicating ideas, notifying orders, advising wishes, and giving spiritual and moral guidance. It is what business is all about: communicating designs, explaining plans, espousing the advantages of one’s product, demonstrating leadership, etc.

It is the most important element in any relationships, and the most important element in business. It was, and is, the most important element to the development of the human race.

Written by Robert Fridjhon, Author of Caterpillar Seas