Individual Coaching

Hanrie Hill has been my coach for the past year.
I have found Hanrie’s coaching instrumental in my development as well as my ability to successfully manage my branch. Hanrie has a natural approach focusing on that which is relevant at the time, whether it is work related or of a personal nature. She is great at helping me establish the root causes of the challenges I may face and assist greatly in helping me to reach the best possible solution as well as the best method in which to address/resolve the issue.

Hanrie focuses on the whole package of me as an individual and I am very comfortable to use her as a sounding board knowing that she will give me honest, yet constructive feedback. She is comfortable in pushing the boundaries which only enhances my development. Hanrie has assisted me greatly in dealing with substantial issues both from a personal and business point of view. Her advice has always been relevant and practical.

I can greatly recommend Hanrie as a coach, mentor or facilitator. She is a remarkable woman and I only have the utmost respect for her. I have found such value in her coaching that I am continuing with it this year as well.

Anne-Marie Pretorius, Santam (March 2013)