Winter Blues – Embracing Your Inner Bear

“Coldness creeps and slinks and sneaks, with a voice like metal, sharp and bitter. The forest moans and groans and creaks. That is the way that winter speaks.” Mary Oliver Winter Blues – Embracing Your Inner Bear Am I the only one whose happiness depends on the amount of sunlight available? Winter is coming… I […]

Imposter Syndrome – My Superpower

Imposter Syndrome – My superpower – dancing through life on my toes You may roll your eyes as you read this and think: “Toxic Positivity?” Surely there is nothing positive about an Imposter Syndrome. The definition of the Imposter Syndrome is feeling anxious despite being high performing. Feeling like a ‘phony’ or a ‘fraud’ are […]

Zen and the art of Land Rover Meandering

Zen and the art of Land Rover Meandering “Love is the absence of judgement.” Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama must have been talking about the partner of a Land Rover owner… What being a Land Rover owner’s wife has taught me: Patience is a survival skill. Zen breathing is a ‘Landie thing’. Breathing in… “Land […]

Take back your time! 2022 End of Year Message

My year of non-busyness Take back your time! The definition of busyness: the state or condition of having a great deal to do. The opposite of busyness, according to Google, is: relaxed, lazy, calm. For too long, I have identified with being too busy , stressed, even burnt out. My knee-jerk reaction to the question […]

Altered States

Altered States (a lighter look at Change) My dog doesn’t like change. Bumble is a rescue Africanus, surprisingly entitled, sensitive to noises and a disruption of his routine. He takes offense at even small changes like getting his bed-time cookie a bit later than usual due to dinner guests. I can relate. Peter Senge said: […]

Virtual Presence

Virtual Presence Are you aware that you appear “mid head”, “nostrils only”, or “chin down” on camera? The virtual business world is becoming the future. You connect on screens, influencing – negotiating – instructing – communicating. What does your virtual presence say about you? Are you even aware that you should have one?   I […]

Bite Size Zoom Sessions

How do you help your employees to stay focussed and motivated in these uncertain times? Life is challenging. Working from home can cause even more uncertainty, anxiety, depression, and even anger. Companies need to tighten their belts, and at the same time enable employees to keep their MOJO. Work-life balance is even harder to maintain […]

Professionalism in Conversation

Professional Telephone Skills In 2013, Hanrie Fridjhon (then Hill), wrote an interesting article on professional telephone skills for the Die Burger Newspaper – Talent. When  it comes to being professional when talking to a customer or client over the telephone, there are certain words or sentences which are described as negative or positive words. Most […]

SABC2 Fokus Interview

Strategy of positive communication “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” ~James Humes~ Here is what Hanrie Fridjhon had to say about the strategy of positive communication for the City of Cape Town. Transcription: “Fokus wou van ‘n Kaapse kommunikasie spesialis, Hanrie Fridjhon, hoor of die Stad Kaapstad hulle kommunikasie veldtog oor die water […]

Management Skills for First Time Managers

Introduction: The transformation from an individual contributor to a manager can be a big shift. According to a Future Workplace study (, 83% of surveyed respondents said they have Millennial managers in their office, but nearly half of the older generations believed Millennials were ill-equipped to manage a team. 44% of Millennials view themselves as […]