The Hybrid Model

The Hybrid Model For most of us, 2022 has been a challenging year. Post-traumatic stress from Covid-chaos, the economy, war in Ukraine, loadshedding… We have all been impacted by the adversities of life. The new way of work that most companies have implemented, the Hybrid Model, has created new challenges. Heart warming as the reconnection […]

Silence and Solitude

Silence and Solitude – the Ying to life’s yang of chaos and adversity Why do I choose to go to the middle of nowhere for one week every year? My annual road trip takes me passed Colesberg to a Silent Zen Retreat. -7 degrees in the morning, rustic accommodation, 6-7 hours of daily meditation, self-catering […]

Virtual Intelligence

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Leon C. Megginson The “new normal” has become just normal. Most of us have adapted to working remotely. The skills to navigate the virtual world has become a necessity. […]

2020 – End of Year Reflection

  Time to say Goodbye 2020 End of Year Reflection The year 2020 has been a year that went from Dragons and Despair to Dandelions and Dawns. Two quotes that summarise the year for me: “The only way to catch your breath, is to lose it completely” Taylor Knott Gregson I “lost my breath” more […]

Communication – A Neanderthals vs. Cro-Magnon

Communication A Neanderthals versus Cro-Magnon – A Key to Success A long long time ago, in a land far away (in what is now called Europe, but then was called ‘here’ in the local dialect), some Cro-Magnon type hunter gatherers, loping along in search of a juicy piglet, came across some other, even uglier, hunter […]

How To Be Human In An Epidemic

A while back I wrote an article ‘How to be human in the 4th Industrial Revolution’. In these Tolkien/Steven King times, I want to add to that. Not because I believe I know the answers… I don’t even know the question. I am no more equipped than anyone else – I just want to be […]

How To Be Human

Fourth Industrial Revolution. VUCA… Is it only me that feels bewildered, slightly confused, anxious and increasingly bored with all the doom and gloom that is happening in the world? Every day there is a new leadership theory, royal conspiracies, complex coaching models that we are exposed to. Amidst all the chaos and egos, it is […]

Hanrie Fridjhon talks – Ageing

Ageing Ageing… a swear word? For most of us women, ageing is a nasty word. It is a curse, the inevitable cost of youth. In business, youth replaces senior age. People retire earlier; they make way for hungrier, more energetic, fast-paced go-getters. The world is changing and the younger generation change with it. So, what […]

Hanrie Fridjhon talks – Letting go

“You can only lose what you cling to” Buddha Letting go I have a picture in my head of letting go… I see a hand slipping out of another hand… moving forward with confidence, maybe not yet with competence, but knowing that it can be done. Why is it so difficult to let go? Letting […]

Hanrie Hill praat – Sosiale Media

Reëls op Sosiale Meda Sosiale media is ‘n turksvy. Niks is meer geheim nie, al die heilige koeie is geslag en opgestop… Die lewe is nou deursigtig, inligting is ‘n knoppie weg. Daar is soveel voorbeelde van mense wat hulle werk verloor het nadat hulle te spraaksaam was oor kollegas en bestuurders. Daar is selfs […]