Aging – ‘Embracing your Age’

Aging Introduction: The Myth of Aging Gracefully If I hear one more time how gracefully I have aged, I will vomit through my gracefully aged mouth.  Aging gracefully, according to Google, is a euphemism for looking old but still holding on.    The Obsession with Youth The biggest ‘insultment’ (my son’s coinage of insult when […]

Forgiveness: The Path to Healing and Personal Growth

Forgiveness My belief is that we all have a theme in our lives that guides and protects us. It is helpful to identify and recognise that theme. This is not easy. One’s theme may be the ‘mothership’ with satellites splintering into smaller themes. For example, ‘I am not worthy of love’ may splinter into, ‘I am […]

Does your body language access your inner Biden or Trump?

Analysing body language during the Presidential debate The recent debate between Biden and Trump provoked arguments on all levels. My interest, apart from the obvious content, is analysing the body language of both candidates. The debate enforced my research and beliefs that body language maketh the man – or in this case ‘un maketh the […]

The Joy of Moving

Movement offers us pleasure, identity, belonging and hope. It puts us in places that are good for us, whether that’s outdoors in nature, in an environment that challenges us, or with a supportive community. It allows us to redefine ourselves and reimagine what is possible. Kelly McGonigal The Joy of Moving: The benefits of exercise […]

Technical or Adaptive Change – What is needed for the way of work?

If you keep your current habits – in five years’ time, will your life be better or worse? Tweet In “Immunity to Change” by Kegan and Lahey, a study was done with heart patients. Even after they were told they may die if they don’t change their lifestyles, only one out of seven made changes. […]

A Short Guided Zen Meditation

People always ask, how do you meditate? There are a lot of different ways. In this short YouTube clip, Hanrie takes us through a guided Zen Meditation. Join Hanrie on a journey of personal and professional growth as she empowers individuals and organisations to unlock their full potential.   Follow Hanrie on these platforms: […]

Why meditate?

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The importance of meditation They are different ways of meditating. Hanrie found what works for her. According to ClevelandClinic  Meditation is a practice that involves focusing or clearing your mind using a combination of mental and physical techniques. Depending on the type of meditation you choose, you can meditate to relax, reduce anxiety and stress, […]

Winter Blues – Embracing Your Inner Bear

“Coldness creeps and slinks and sneaks, with a voice like metal, sharp and bitter. The forest moans and groans and creaks. That is the way that winter speaks.”Mary Oliver Winter Blues – Embracing Your Inner Bear Am I the only one whose happiness depends on the amount of sunlight available? Winter is coming… I dread […]

Imposter Syndrome – My Superpower

Imposter Syndrome – My superpower – dancing through life on my toes You may roll your eyes as you read this and think: “Toxic Positivity?” Surely there is nothing positive about an Imposter Syndrome. The definition of the Imposter Syndrome is feeling anxious despite being high performing. Feeling like a ‘phony’ or a ‘fraud’ are […]

Zen and the art of Land Rover Meandering

Zen and the art of Land Rover Meandering “Love is the absence of judgement.” Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama must have been talking about the partner of a Land Rover owner… What being a Land Rover owner’s wife has taught me: Patience is a survival skill. Zen breathing is a ‘Landie thing’. Breathing in… “Land […]