Virtual Presence

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Virtual Presence

Are you aware that you appear “mid head”, “nostrils only”, or “chin down” on camera?
The virtual business world is becoming the future. You connect on screens, influencing – negotiating – instructing – communicating.

    • What does your virtual presence say about you?
    • Are you even aware that you should have one?


I have been daily facilitating Virtual Leadership. When people argue that a virtual presence should be “take me as I am”, I disagree. Face-to-face we influence through relationships. In the virtual world we impact through our competencies and camera presence. Your virtual presentation will affect the way your audience perceive your competencies.

Are you unconsciously incompetent about your virtual presence and the impact it may have on others?

Tips to build a virtual presence:

      • Ensure you appear in the centre of the screen. Balance is still important, even in the virtual world.
      • Lights and sound are important (do not have ‘halo’s’ or be the ‘mystery’ person in the dark.
      • If your screen is on, people can see you – be conscious of what you are doing.
      • Don’t touch your face or any part of your body while you are speaking – it is called a ‘manipulator’, (it takes away people’s attention away from what you are saying to what you are doing).
      • Silence is not golden in the virtual world.
      • Look at the camera. If you must read notes, position it so you can lift only your eyes.
      • Show you are listening by leaning forward or do the double-nod.
      • Do not use filler words. ‘ums’ are not acceptable in any world.
      • Pay attention – it can be obvious that you are doing something else – it is disrespectful.
      • You can use your hands to gesture – but be aware of their position. Do not ‘close’ your face, distract or scare your audience.
      • Pausing in the virtual world is shorter. (1.2 seconds is fine; 3 seconds is too long).
      • Speak less – get to the message fast.
      • Do not mumble – it is irritating to try and listen to a ‘mumbler’.


Just be aware. Aware of your surroundings, your audience and your ‘emotional leakages’.


We will help you:

      • Develop your virtual presence.
      • Maximise the impact of your virtual message.
      • Increase the “speed” and impact of your communication in the virtual world.
      • Look at ways to engage and build trust virtually.
      • How to influence:
        • Demonstrate listening
        • “Voice-presence”.